Thursday, October 26, 2006

Flash Fiction 8, 99 words of horror contest.

Julie's House

I like Julie. I hope she likes me. She goes to my school and sometimes we play tag so much, we have to lie down and watch the clouds until our breath comes back.
I knock on her door and ask her dad if I can see her. He takes me back and I slip on a slick of bright blood, falling hard. Julie’s dad turns.
“Julie was a bad girl. I had to make her clean.” He moves closer; stares. Pulling out her head, he squats on the floor and begins to eat.

“Are you a bad boy?”

my entry in the 99 words of horror halloween contest


Blogger SMG said...

He's just trying to correct their immoral behavior!

I especially liked the slipping on blood and landing on a hard surface part.

5:35 AM  

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